Discover Authentic Yemeni Cuisine at Sallora

Discover the rich and unique cuisine of Yemen at Sallora, an authentic Yemeni restaurant in Calgary, AB.

Sallora, Where Tradition Meets Taste.

Where Passion and Tradition Unite to Bring You the Best of Yemeni Cuisine in Calgary, AB

At Sallora, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional dining experience that reflects the true essence of Yemeni cuisine. Our talented chefs artfully blend aromatic spices, fragrant herbs, and the perfect blend of textures to create dishes that are both soulful and satisfying. From our signature Mandi and Bint Al-Sahn to our flavorful lamb and chicken dishes, every bite at Sallora is a celebration of Yemeni culinary excellence.


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Come and discover why Sallora is the go-to destination for authentic Yemeni cuisine in Calgary

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